The Present

Three photographers – Brett Gundlock, Eugen Sakhnenko and Andrew Williamson – challenged themselves and their colleagues to make photographs in real time: to document the present, between May 27 and June 10; to exhibit the work, between June 23 and June 30; to publish a catalogue, released when the show opens; and to worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

Twenty photographers contributed images, from Toronto, London, Ottawa, Waterloo; Quebec and Vancouver; New York; Somalia and Ukraine. After sequencing and catalogue design, the image files were uploaded to HP Magcloud, and printed overnight. - Don Snyder

Christopher Wahl, Tony Fouhse, Jordan Roberts, Andrew Williamson, Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Dominic Nahr, Eamon Mac Mahon, John Densky, Daniel Neuhaus, Josh McDonald, Alexi Hobbs, Brett Gundlock, Chloe Ellingson, Edward Terry, Eugen Sakhnenko, Guillaume Simoneau, Chris Dale, Ryan Walker, Ian Willms , Johan Hallberg Campbell

Specs: Square 8" x 8"

44 pages 


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