How much does the Boreal Bash cost?

The Bash is Puebla is totally free (Oct 28–30), but there is a registration fee for the workshop in Oaxaca (Oct. 31–Nov. 3)

 - $250 USD for Latin American photographers
 - $450 USD for international photographers

More information on the workshop can be found here.

There will be public events around the workshop, so if you don't want to be an active student, there will still be things to do hosted by us.  

Do I need to send a portfolio to participate in the workshops and portfolio reviews?

No – this event is totally open to the public. Anyone interested in documentary photography, from students to professionals, can attend.

Where should I stay?

Accommodations are the responsibility of attendees. AirBNB is a great place to start to look for places. Due to the Day of the Dead holiday in Oaxaca during the workshop, reservations should be made quickly.

The exact event venue in Puebla is still being confirmed, but Boreal will be staying here

In Oaxaca, we recommend that you stay around the Zocalo. Oaxaca is very safe and easy to move around in. The workshop will be held at:

M. Alvarez Bravo 116, Centro, 68000 Oaxaca De Juarez, OAX

How do I get from Puebla to Oaxaca?

Boreal will be commissioning a passenger bus if you wish to travel with us. The cost of the bus will be split amongst passengers - price TBD. Also, there are many good bus lines in the country, such as ADO.

Boreal Bus Schedule:
Friday Oct 28 - Leave from Mexico City @ 10:30 am and arrive in Puebla
Monday Oct 31 - Travel to Oaxaca in morning

Can I drive to the Bash?

Technically yes, but do to the instability in the North around the border, we really don’t recommend it.

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