Boreal Collective Welcomes Two New Members

The members of Boreal Collective are pleased to announce the acceptance of two new members: Annie Flanagan and Daniella Zalcman.

Flanagan and Zalcman join Boreal’s internationally-based photographers Laurence Butet-Roch, Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Rafal Gerszak, Brett Gundlock, Johan Hallberg-Campbell, Matt Lutton, Eamon Mac Mahon, Mauricio Palos, Jonathan Taggart and Ian Willms. Rather than hold an open call for submissions, Boreal decided to follow a more organic route and add members they already had established personal relationships with. 

“We wanted Annie on board because we felt that they would enrich the diversity of perspectives within Boreal,” says Ian Willms. “They are deeply motivated by issues of sexual violence and gender inequality and have spent years living and shooting within exceptionally progressive fringe communities within the United States. Annie seems to have struck a good balance of adventurousness, ambition, passion and humility that will inform their practice and those of Boreal in the years to come.” 

“I guess the secret’s out, but I have had a huge crush on Boreal for a while now,” says Flanagan. “I am constantly impressed by the sensitive yet striking nature of the photography they are putting out, their commitment to long form documentary projects and their creative approach to sharing and making work.” 

Daniella Zalcman’s project on residential schools in Canada is what initially caught the attention of Boreal’s members. “It’s a very important story that had yet to been seriously tackled by a photographer, and it showed us that her perspective would align perfectly for Boreal,” says Brett Gundlock. 

“I’m so thrilled to be joining this family of like-minded visual storytellers,” says Daniella. “Boreal’s photographers are some of the most ethical and kind journalists I know, and I’m proud to be affiliated with their sensitive approaches to social documentary work.”

Boreal is pleased to be making this announcement alongside their colleagues at Prime Collective, who also welcome two new members: Christian Rodriguez and Katie Orlinsky


Annie Flanagan | Daniella Zalcman

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