Mexico Loves AMLO, Brett Gundlock Photographs

Business? Not so much. 

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the nation’s anti-Trump, has a 20-point lead in the polls. Business hates Mexico’s presidential front-runner. And he doesn’t care. 

From the article written by Nacha Cattan and Monte Reel for Bloomberg Businessweek, “the North American Free Trade Agreement upended the old traditions here in the Mexican heartland. Now, many take whatever jobs they can find and lament that so much corn, Mexico’s iconic national crop, is now imported from the U.S. López Obrador—or AMLO, as he’s widely known—assures the crowd that their dreams of returning to their farms are within reach. After he wins the presidential election on July 1, he says, he’ll provide them with free fertilizer and cheap fuel, and he’ll establish minimum price guarantees for homegrown crops. The fields here in the central Mexican state of Zacatecas will spring back to life, which will provide people with jobs and, in turn, stem the outward flow of migrants to America. But for this chain of prosperity to kick in, there’s one condition: An electoral deathblow must be struck against the ruling political class, a group López Obrador references in terms this rural audience appreciates.“Filthy pigs!” he shouts. “Hogs! Swine!”

Brett Gundlock’s photographs of AMLO in Mexico landed the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek. Read the full story and see more photos here:

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