My Perro Rano
Crónicas de Centroamérica
Editorial RM
Mauricio Palos
112 pages
105 photographs
6.5 x 8.7 in
Layout: Pablo Ortíz Monasterio
Cover design: David Kimura + Gabriela Varela
Bilingual edition
ISBN RMV: 978-84-92480-94-4

$200 USD plus shipping

My Perro Rano + collector print 

Deported from London the first time I attempted to enter the United Kingdom, I returned to Mexico, and on my way back, during a stopover in Dallas, I was confined to a cell in the airport. I later returned to England, worked in an Italian restaurant, saved up some money, and traveled. I settled in Madrid and did the same, but I also studied photography a little, and I began to photograph African and East Indian immigrants.

On my return to Mexico, I learned about the Central American immigrants who are in rehabilitation because they lost limbs after falling off the trains in which they were traveling. When I got to know the border between Mexico and Guatemala, I realized the problem goes beyond the question of a physical frontier and a group of immigrants boarding trains to the United States.

- A signed copy of My Perro Rano and one signed print, prints can be chosen with the author and printed specially for this order, on a 8 x 12 inches on archival paper.

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