The Boreal Collective presents their first newsprint entitled Tension and curated by Clare Vander Meersch, director of photography magazines at The Globe and Mail. 

From the shores of the St.Lawrence River to the oil fields of Alberta or the villages in Michoacán, Mexico, members of the Boreal Collective explore how environment shapes communities. Some, who once were at one with nature, see their way of life threatened by economic forces. Others, once united by a strong sense of identity, see their society unravel due to political upheaval and violence. As individuals and communities renegotiate their relationship with their surroundings, tensions arise.With this in mind, Clare Vander Meersch, curated a selection of Boreal’s work: "I thought about what word best described the kinds of images comprised in the collective. Something that is consistently present is the seriousness of subject examination. But what is their signature look? What is it that defines these images collectively in my consciousness?". The answer: the images often have an underlying tension.

Its interesting design and layout is meant to be pulled apart, spread out, scrutinised and, maybe, even stuck up on a wall.  Pull your own edit, hang selections on a wall, and create your own version. 

 Newsprint, 12 x 22 inches

12 pages 

1000 copies

Curated by Clare Vander Meersch

$5 USD

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