Boreal Bash V: Workshop Topics

As of November 22 the workshop is full - thank you for your interest!

Community-based and Collaborative Projects
- The act of documenting becomes a collaboration, where the people you work with have a voice on how to tell their story

Talking to Strangers
- Intimate documentary work
- Learn how to look for projects, approach subjects and photograph long-term documentary projects

Photographing in Foreign Environments
 - Respecting and understanding your subjects while working safely

Constructing the story
- Understanding all the leads to find the best way to tell a story
- Working towards a book with your personal stories

Multidisciplinary Projects
- The image as an anchor for building stories
- Exploring multiple resources, mediums, and disciplines

- Workflow, workflow, workflow
- How to efficiently edit and deliver assignments
- Sequencing your story to deliver the most impact

Photographing on the Street
- Moving through the streets and capturing images that represent the environment that you are in
- Recognizing the ethics and responsibilities that are inherent with street photography

Sustaining Long-Term Work
- Grants, assignments and publishing
- Keeping multi-year projects moving
- How does personal work lend itself to assignments? Should they be kept separate or do they fuse together?

Writing Workshop
- Learn how to write text to accompany your images and long-term projects

Using Format